Sunday Reflection | 31st May 2020

(On Wednesday, I enjoyed a social distanced picnic in a large, local park)

Hello everyone and a blessed Sunday to you all. I hope this post finds you all well. A glorious week of sunshine has passed and now its time to reflect back on what we’ve been reading, watching and doing over that time:

This week, has been a great reading week for me! First, I finished the classic, The Professor by Charlotte Brontë; then I finished my re-read of the Gothic modern-classic, Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier; and finally I started AND finished Calysta and the Beast by Joanna Alonzo, the first book in Alonzo’s Sacred Scarred series, which is a Christian retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Phew! 😅

Now I am reading an updated version of the Christian classic, More Than A Carpenter by Josh McDowell and Sean McDowell, that addresses commonly raised questions and the evidence about Jesus; which is the upcoming read for my church’s book club’s next Zoom meeting. Then in my Holy Bible reading, I have continued working my way through 2 Kings in the Old Testament.

While on the screen, I have caught back up with the current series of the quirky, spy thriller, Killing Eve, on the BBC iPlayer, and I have continued working my way through the back-catalogue of Jamie Oliver’s Jamie: Keep Cooking and Carry On: a helpful cooking show of flexible recipes to help you cook great, tasty, healthy food in lockdown, which is on All4.

Then Friday night, with a fruity bottle of wine and a Chinese takeaway (I had chicken Chop Suey), we braved watching Sky’s ‘Friday Fright’ film recommendation: the jumpy, creature-feature, Crawl (2019), which had me hiding behind my cushion more than once! 😏

As for work, it has been the school’s half-term break, so no work! Instead, with all my free time, I have read a lot of books, whilst sunbathing in the garden, with my cat! As well as watching some TV; doing relaxing yoga; jogging; cooking; and meeting up with a friend for a social distanced picnic and a well deserved ice cream in even more glorious sunshine! 😎

While here on the blog, I have taken part in the weekly memes: Top Ten Tuesday and WWW Wednesday.; and I shared my review of the Gothic, modern-classic, Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier and a post on the new books I have received this month.

Now that’s all folks! I look forward to catching up with you all next Sunday. Where ever you are in the world, I hope you and your loved ones are well: staying healthy and happy. God bless and bye for now! 🙏

Now over to you: I’d love to hear what you have been reading? Have you watched anything good? And how have you been spending your time in isolation?

I have linked this post into the weekly meme, The Sunday Post hosted by Kimberly @ Caffeinated Reviewer.

21 thoughts on “Sunday Reflection | 31st May 2020

  1. It’s been awhile since I’ve read from the bible, and it’s a sad thing for sure. I need to make sure that I make time for it, even if only a little bit a day. Out here the weather is in the 70’s, but feeling a lot hotter than that. Not used to it, as this heat usually doesn’t start up in my area for another few weeks, but this weather has been doing what it wants. We’ll see how the next week goes. Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Hello Jen, thank you for stopping by and commenting. It is always nice to hear from a new face.😊I think, at some points in our life, we ‘re all fall behind on reading the Bible regularly; that has been one of the only good things about this lockdown: it has given more time reflect and read the Bible again. I hope you are able to make more time for it, too. 🙂 As for the weather, more typical rainy weather returned on Wednesday here in the UK! ☔

    1. Hey Evelina, thank you for stopping by and commenting. Always lovely to hear from a new face.😊If you read The Professor, I hope you enjoy it more than me! I found it a little hard going, although it got a bit better towards the end.

  2. Glad you have been enjoying such fabulous weather for your half term break – isn’t it a pleasant change, given that Summer half term is often dire! The social distancing park gathering sounds lovely – I hope your upcoming week back to school isn’t too difficult, as I know some classes are starting back…

    1. Thank you, SJ – It was a glorious half-term break, but no change at school for us this week, as I work at a special needs high school. There hasn’t really been any specific guidance of how special needs schools are/when to open up. So sensibly, I think, our headteacher is opting to slowly up our numbers, focusing on vulnerable and in-care children, starting from next week. 🙂

  3. Sounds like you’ve had a lovely week and your pics look like you’ve had wonderful weather, too. Nice to hear you enjoyed your social distancing park picnic. Look at your cute kitty enjoying the outdoors, too! I do enjoy a good scary movie from time to time so I’ll have to check out Crawl. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Rachel – It was a lovely week of relaxing and sunshine! 😎 And yes, my cat has loved joining me outside, too! 😺 I hope you have chance to watch Crawl and that it gives you a ‘good’ scare! 😅

  4. Rather envious of your meet up in the park. Wales is still in lock down with the only relaxation being the ability to meet one other family in their garden but only if they live 5 miles away……

    1. Sorry to hear you are more restricted in Wales – We’re currently allowed to meet one other person as long as it is outdoors and soon will be able to have gatherings of up to 6 people in a garden, and non-essential shops will start to open from tomorrow, too. I hope you won’t be too far behind us in Wales.

      1. I estimate we are three weeks behind you Jessica. The idea of shops opening sounds good but the reality is somewhat different when I see he news images of what happened in England – two hour queues to go to Ikea! I shall give them a miss

        1. Yeah, I have not been joining the queues either! McDonalds opened its drive-thru in my town Monday and there was a 1-2 hour queue… I really haven’t missed it that much! 😅

  5. Look at that attentive kitty! I’m currently reading a Tiffany Aching book by Terry Pratchett. 🙂 Glad you’ve had some lovely weather.

    1. Haha that is pretty attentive for my cat, Kelly – She kept wondering off then would come back a lie next to my blanket, but weirdly wouldn’t get on the blanket with me! Cat logic I am sure! 😸 Ooo great to hear your reading a Terry Pratchett book – We know what a fan of him I am, although I sadly don’t have any of the Tiffany Aching books, but I am sure I will get to them in good time. Happy reading! 😀

  6. Glad it was a good week! Love the pic BTW- looks like a nice park. 🙂

    More Than A Carpenter sounds amazing, I’m curious about that one now!

    Your scary movie sounds fun, and yay for Chinese!!

    I’ve been watching Poldark- I’m about 4 episodes in. I see there are several seasons,and I’m happy to see that. I like starting a nice long binge haha. Be well this week!

    1. Thank you, Greg 😊 It has been a good week and I been blessed with such a nice park near me and good books, good food and some scary fun, too! 😅And yes, there are five seasons of Poldark, enjoy!😃

    1. Hello Vi, thank you for stopping and commenting. It is always lovely to hear from a new face.😊 It is good to hear you have been able to enjoy the outside and sunny weather where you are in Germany, too. 😎

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