Six in Six | 2020 Announcement

Hello my fellow bookworms, I come to you today with the happy news that Jo of The Book Jotter has announced the return of her wonderful, yearly meme, Six in Six, which is a great way to reflect back on our reading as we reach the midway point of the year. Yes, we are halfway through 2020! Can you believe it?! 😡

Jo originally started this meme on a bit of a whim in 2012 and it has been going ever since, and I have taken part every single year from the beginning! To join in all you have to do is share a post, anytime in July, with your six books in six different categories. Here are some categories you could choose from:

  • Six new authors to me
  • Six authors I have read before
  • Six authors I am looking forward to reading more of
  • Six books I have enjoyed the most
  • Six books I was disappointed with
  • Six series of books read or started
  • Six authors I read last year – but not so far this year
  • Six books that took me on extraordinary journeys
  • Six books that took me by the hand and led me into the past
  • Six books from the past that drew me back there
  • Six books from authors I know will never let me down
  • Six books I must mention that don’t fit nicely into any category
  • Six books I started in the first six months of the year and was still caught up with in July
  • Six trips to Europe
  • Six blogging events I enjoyed
  • Six bookish things I’m looking forward to
  • Six Espionage or Historical Novels I enjoyed
  • Six Cool Classics
  • Six Non-US/Non-British Authors
  • Six From the Non-Fiction Shelf
  • Six books that didn’t live up to expectations
  • Six books that I had one or two problems with but am still glad I tried
  • Six books that are related to The Great War or Second World War
  • Six bookshops I have visited
  • Six books I’ve read in an English translation
  • Six books which are better than the film
  • Six books which are worse than the film
  • Six books that have sport as their major theme
  • Six favourite places to read
  • Six books read on kindle and then went and bought an actual copy
  • Six books I abandoned
  • Six classics I have read
  • Six books I have read on my Kindle
  • Six physical books I have read
  • Six book covers I love
  • Six book covers that bear no resemblance to the story contained within
  • Six books to read to avoid politics
  • Six books I have read but not reviewed
  • Six books I have read in lockdown

Or you can come up with your very own category. Also here are some of my past Six in Six posts to help inspire you: 2019, 2018 and 2017.

Now I am off to pick my categories, so over to you: Have you taken part in this meme before? Are you tempted to take part this year? If yes, happy list making! 😁

10 thoughts on “Six in Six | 2020 Announcement

    1. You’re very welcome, Jo – It is definitely a meme I think more people should know and take part in. 😊
      I also think I have now finalised my categories and choices for this year, so will be schedule my post for next! 😁

  1. Hmm, my reading’s been so sluggish this year I don’t know if I’ll be able to do it, but of course I’ll waste lots of possible reading time trying… πŸ˜‰

  2. There are so many wonderful options here, it would be difficult to choose which six to use! I really enjoyed looking back at your past entires.

    1. Really pleased you liked looking back at my past Six in Six posts, Kelly – There are lots of wonderful options here, however I think I have settled on my categories for this year. πŸ™‚

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