What I Watched In July 2020

Hello my fellow goggle-boxes, I hope you are all well. With only a little easing of restrictions from lockdown, here in the UK, during the month of July, there has still been a lot more time for watching telly!

– Adaptations –

Frozen II (2019) * – One Friday night, with our customary takeaway, we settled down to watch Sky’s premiere of this Disney animated sequel to Frozen (2013), which was inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen fairy tale. The story follows Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Olaf and Sven, as they embark on a journey into an enchanted forest. A sweet film with some funny moments, but the story and songs aren’t a patch on the first film.

True Blood (S6) ** –  I also worked my way through the Sky boxset of season six of this supernatural drama, based on Charlaine Harris’ The Southern Vampire Mysteries. This continues to follow the misadventures of Sookie Stackhouse, as the ancient vampire, Warlow comes to claim her as his bride. Still a little too much sex for my taste, but good vampire fun, that is a great distraction in these crazy times!

Altogether that is two new-to-me adaptations watched. I also enjoyed comforting re-watches of two more of the Harry Potter films and the utterly charming The Secret Garden (1993). Which brings my grand total up to five adaptations watched in July. My adaptation pick of the month has to go to The Secret Garden, as it brought back so many lovely childhood memories for me.

– Other Viewing –

As for non-adaptations, I worked my way through the Sky boxset of the gripping, award-winning mini-series, Chernobyl, on NowTV; and then the new Anglo-Spanish, mystery-thriller series, White Lines, on Netflix. I also enjoyed three more Friday film and takeaway nights, where I watched: Will Ferrell’s hilarious, new film, Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga (2020); Sky’s premiere of the disappointing, science-fiction drama, Ad Astra (2019); and the quirky Coen Brother’s western, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs (2018).

Phew, what a lot I watched?! Now over to you as I’d love to hear what you think: Have you watched any of these? Are you tempted by any of these? What did you watch last month? Any recommendations?

11 thoughts on “What I Watched In July 2020

  1. Excellent watches, Jessica! 🙂 Except True Blood, White Lines, and Eurovision Contest, I have watched all the others, including the ones in the comments section. I looooved all except Ad Astra; like you said, it’s terribly disappointing. I have to re-watch The Secret Garden because it’s been a while, but I own a digital copy; there’s a new version coming out this year I think.
    TV-wise I saw The Alienist (Season 1), and loved it. Movie-wise I saw 15 overall and two documentaries. My top favorites were the animated movie Onward and Mr. Jones–based on the man who inspired George Orwell’s writing of Animal Farm.

    1. Thank you, Carmen 😊 I highly recommend watching either the show White Lines, a thrilling murder-mystery, and the film Eurovision, as it’s very funny! True Blood may not be to everyone’s taste with the sex and supernatural elements, but it has been a fun watch. I had heard about a new adaptation of The Secret Garden, however I am in two minds about watching it, because I love the 1993 film so much! You are also the second person to mention The Alienist – I really must watch this so I have put it on my watch list on Netflix to remind me. Happy viewing in August! 😃

  2. I watched Chernobyl earlier in the year when it was first aired. What did you think of it? I loved it, although there was a couple of bits where I had to look away.

    During lockdown I’ve watched Designated Survivor, Unorthodox and season one of The Alienist (eagerly awaiting season two!).

    1. I know what you mean, Nikki – It is hard to say Chernobyl was something I ‘enjoyed’ because the events were so terrible. However I did think it was a gripping and powerful drama, as well as being pretty disturbing, with great performances from the cast too.

      I haven’t watched any of the other shows you’ve been watching, but I would really like to watch The Alienist and I have added to my watch list on Netflix to remind me. Hopefully won’t be too long till I get to it.

  3. I can’t remember if I mentioned it here before, but we recently watched “1917” and I thought it was an excellent film.

    1. Great to hear you also loved 1917 – My dad and I thought it was amazing! In fact it was our last trip to the cinema, before lockdown put a stop to all that fun.

  4. Aww. The Secret Garden. I love the first HP film, especially. Young Harry is so sweet. I haven’t watched anything super recently, I watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty a few months ago and I’m STILL thinking about it. So creative and inspiring!

    1. Aw glad to hear you’re a fan of The Secret Garden and the first Harry Potter film – They’re both very sweet and comforting watches aren’t they? 😊 I still haven’t seen The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, but I have heard a lot of good things about it, so really must try and see it soon!

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