What I Watched In September 2020

Hello my fellow goggle-boxes, I hope you are all well. A cooler and wetter month has passed, which has seen us returning to school full time with all the students back, and now it is time to reflect back on what we’ve been watching in September.

– Adaptations –

Never Say Never Again (1983) * – One lazy, Sunday afternoon, after our roast dinner, my dad, grandad and I settled down to watch this spy thriller, based on Ian Fleming’s novel Thunderball, in which the dashing Sean Connery reprises his iconic role for the second time for this story. Although this is not an ‘official’ James Bond film, so it is sadly minus the famous theme tune, but it had all the action and glamour we expect. Not the best Bond adventure, as it gets a little silly, however it was a good, easy Sunday afternoon watch.

The Last Picture Show (1971) * – Then one evening, we discovered this classic, American drama, adapted from Larry McMurtry’s semi-autobiographical novel, as we browsed Sky Movies’ ‘5 Star’ section. It is a gritty coming-of-age story of two young friends: Sonny (Timothy Bottoms) and Duane (Jeff Bridges), in a small declining northern Texas town. While this was a great production, with some great performances, it was just a bit too bleak and had too many awkward sex scenes for my personal taste.

Altogether that is two new-to-me adaptations watched. Also I finished my re-watch of the dystopian, young-adult Divergent series with the final, disappointing instalment Allegiant (2016), such a shame as it was a great series up to this film. Which brings my grand total up to three adaptations watched in September, and as I liked them all about the same, I don’t have a pick of the month this time.

– Other Viewing –

As for non-adaptations, I worked my way through season 13 of one of my favourites TV shows: the British archaeological series Time Team, on YouTube,  and I finished watching the beautifully-crafted, new Jim Henderson series, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, on Netflix (although sadly, I recently learnt that the second series has been cancelled 🙁).

However my September viewing was really dominated by films! I watched Sky’s premiere of the high-octane, racing-drama, Le Mans 66 (2019), as well as the extremely disappointing, Terminator: Dark Fate (2019). I also re-watched the supernatural romance, Ghost (1990); the science-fiction adventures, Transformers (2007) and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009), and the disturbing, serial-killer thriller, Se7en (1995).

That is another eight shows and films watched in September. My picks of the month have to go to Le Mans 66 (2019) and Se7en (1995).

Phew, what a lot I watched?! Now over to you as I’d love to hear what you’ve been watching? What are your picks of the month?

12 thoughts on “What I Watched In September 2020

  1. Ooh, I missed this post entirely even though I always look forward to it. You watched lots! It’s becoming a trend. 😛 I did not think much of Allegiant either, but even Insurgent was too bland for me. I decided to watch all the prior movies before tackling the latest Terminator to see how it holds up to the others, so it may take me awhile to get there. The first Transformers was fun. I started watching the James Bond’s franchise when they brought Pierce Brosnan on board. Someday I’ll go back and watch the whole series. On my part, I watched just three TV series last month–Run (S1), Big Little Lies (S1, S2). I also watched 16 movies, including re-watches of Thor 2, Capt. America 2, Guardians of the Galaxy 1, and Avengers 2. The breakout movie of the set was The Man Standing Next (5*), a South Korean spy drama that was off the charts.

    1. Carmen, I was missing your comment! I certainly have watched a lot, although it looks better now I have started including my non-adaptations viewing, too 😉 Sounds like you’ve had a fun, Marvel-filled month of viewing and I hope you are able to get to those earlier James Bond films soon. And I wouldn’t rush to get to Terminator: Dark Fate if I was you! 😅

  2. I don’t think I’ve watched any of your adaptations this time round. In fact I’ve not really been watching a good deal now I think about it. Need a new gripping series.
    Lynn 😀

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