πŸ”Ÿ Top Ten Tuesday | Authors I Haven’t Read, But Want To!

Top Ten TuesdayHello friends and fellow bookworms. Today, I am taking part in this week’s TTT topic, which is: ‘Authors I Haven’t Read, But Want To’, that was submitted by Deanna @ A Novel Glimpse.

There are far too many authors out there, old and new, that I really, really want to read but haven’t to date. This list is just those 10 authors that immediately jumped to mind and whom I am most disappointed I haven’t read… yet! I am also hoping listing them here will get you all to encourage/push me to finally get to them!

πŸ“• Dorothy L. Sayers (1893-1957) – Along with Agatha Christie, Sayers is renowned as one of the ‘Queens of Crime’ from the ‘Golden Age’ of mysteries. Best known for her novels and short stories featuring the English aristocrat and amateur sleuth Lord Peter Wimsey.

πŸ“• Laura Purcell (Present) – A modern author who is loved by many of my blogger friends for her gothic, supernatural, historical novels, such as: The Silent Companions (2017), The Corset (2018) and The Shape of Darkness (2021).

πŸ“• Anne Rice (1941-2021) – A best-selling American author of gothic, supernatural, historical novels, who sadly passedaway last year. Best known for her The Vampire Chronicles, the first book of which Interview with the Vampire (1976) was adapted into the brilliant 1994 film.

πŸ“• Robin Hobb (Present) – Is the pen name of American author, Margaret Astrid Lindholm Ogden, for her well-received fantasy trilogies, including The Farseer Trilogy for which I have an e-copy of the first book, Assassin’s Apprentice (1995) on my Kindle.

πŸ“• Diana Wynne Jones (1934-2011) – Another favourite of many of my blogger friends, Wynne Jones is a British author who principally wrote fantasy and speculative fiction novels for children and young adults. Her best known work is probably Howl’s Moving Castle (1986).

πŸ“• Katherine Arden (Present) – A modern American novelist who shot to fame with her award-nominated Winternight fantasy trilogy, which started with The Bear and the Nightingale (2017), with its beautiful blend of fairy tale, magical realism and Russian folklore.

πŸ“• Robert Goddard (Present) – A prolific English novelist, who has written over 20 novels, in a writing career spanning over 20 years, that a friend from church is desperate for me to try! Goddard is best known for his mystery, crime, thriller novels.

πŸ“• Marie Brennan (Present) – Is the pen name of former anthropologist and folklorist, Bryn Neuenschwander, for her Hugo award-nominated The Memoirs of Lady Trent fantasy series,Β for which I have an e-copy of the first book, A Natural History of Dragons (2013) on my Kindle.

πŸ“• James Herbert (1943-2013) – Britain’s number one bestselling author AND one of the world’s top writers of thriller/horror fiction. Best known work includes: The Magic Cottage (1986), Creed (1990), The Fog (1975) and The Survivor (1976); the latter of which I have a copy of.

πŸ“• Stephen Baxter (Present) – A trained engineer and award-winning science-fiction author, who has written what appears to be over 50 novels! However is it The Long Earth series, that he co-authored with Terry Pratchett, I am most interested to read.

Please help me! If you have read any of these let me know if you think I should read them or not, and any recommendations of which of their books to start with!

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If you have read any of these please let me know in the comments and also leave a link for your own TTT post if you have joined in, too.

24 thoughts on “πŸ”Ÿ Top Ten Tuesday | Authors I Haven’t Read, But Want To!

  1. Well, I’ve read seven of these and highly recommend them. I think you’ll love Purcell, she has a talent for gothic. Arden’s Winternight is also wonderful. Well, I’m not going to go through them all. There are some fantastic authors on here and I hope you get a chance to give them a try.
    Lynn πŸ˜€

  2. What a lovely list, Jessica! I’ve read and enjoyed some of the authors on your list and can very highly recommend them… Dorothy L. Sayers’ Lord Peter Wimsey books are a joy – but do take care to read them in order, as there is a strong story arc regarding Lord Peter’s life in amongst all the murder mysteries. And a beautiful love story, too… Diana Wynne Jones is a firm favourite – no one else writes twitchy wrongness quite as well as she did and her magical school series is delightful. Robin Hobb is also a wonderful author – and her decision to clump her books into series of trilogies set within the same world is a very smart one. And Marie Bennan’s Lady Trent series is also a real treat – I loved all the books. Very happy reading – I envy your unfolding journeys into all these wonderful worlds:)).

    1. Aw thank you so much, SJ so pleased you enjoyed my list so much and for your recommendations and wonderful thoughts on some of these authors. You’ve made me even more excited to read these now! 😊

  3. I enjoyed a few of Robert Goddard’s earliest books but lost touch with him somewhere along the way for no particular reason – just too many books!

    1. Glad to hear you enjoyed a few of Robert Goddard’s earlier books, although you ended up losing touch, which sounds like it is easy to do with how many of them there are! πŸ˜…

  4. If you decide you enjoy your first experience of Robert Goddard, the good news is that he has wiritten so many books . I find they work very well in audio form. He tells a good story, not too light but not too complicated either. Beyond Recall, Past Caring were good.

  5. I’ve read The Silent Companions and The Corset (under the US title The Poison Thread) by Laura Purcell. I enjoyed both of them.

    I like Diana Wynne Jones a lot too. I actually hope to read more of her work soon. I enjoyed Howl’s Moving Castle a lot, but my favorite (that I’ve read so far) is a lesser known title called Fire and Hemlock.

    I would also recommend Katherine Arden’s Winternight trilogy. I enjoyed the first book, but I felt like it really took off in book #2 and became a must read for me.

    1. So pleased to hear you have enjoyed three of these authors and thank you for recommendations. I hope you will also be able to read more by Wynne Jones soon. πŸ™‚

  6. I loved Robin Hobb’s Farseer Trilogy and Katherine Arden’s Winternight Trilogy, so I would definitely recommend reading both of those!

  7. I didn’t put them on my list, but Robin Hobb and Dianna Wynne Jones are two authors I’d love to read as well. I’ve heard such great things about their books and I love fantasy. Great list and I’m glad you participated this week! πŸ™‚

  8. I read my first Dorothy Sayers “Wimsey” mystery this year and enjoyed it quite a bit. (The Nine Tailors) I have her play about the Passion of Christ (The Man Born to be King) in my TBR.

    The only other author I’ve read from your list is Anne Rice. I read a couple of her vampire novels as well as one stand-alone novel (Cry to Heaven). I would like to read more of her work.

    1. Good to hear you have enjoyed several of Anne Rice’s vampire novels and your first of Sayers’ Wimsey mysteries. I hope you are able to read more by these authors soon. πŸ™‚

  9. I love your picks! I’ve always wanted to read a Dorothy sayer book (I guess I’m just kinda intimidated because there are so many of them lol). I really enjoyed interview with a vampire, hope you do too if you get round to it! Here’s my TTT of the week, it was a quiz on fantasy books, see how many you know! πŸ™‚ https://hundredsandthousandsofbooks.blog/2022/04/12/ttt-12-4-22-can-you-guess-what-urban-fantasy-books-these-words-are-from/

    1. Aw so pleased you enjoyed my picks so much and hopefully, it won’t be too long till we can both try our first Sayer novel. Also great to hear you enjoyed Interview with a Vampire. πŸ˜ƒ

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