New Books: August 2015

New Books - August 2015

Hello my fellow bookworms, here’s the goodies I’ve managed to add to my bookshelf and Kindle in August:

The Railway Children by Edith Nesbit

Five Children and It by Edith Nesbit

The Phoenix and the Carpet by Edith Nesbit

The Story of the Amulet by Edith Nesbit

First I picked up these free classics for my Kindle from Amazon (UK). The Railway Children and Five Children and It are both on my Classics Club list. While I downloaded the other two because they were free, so why not complete Nesbit’s Psammead series?!

The Romanovs by Virginia Cowles

90 Days Through the New Testament by Ron Rhodes

I received these historical and faith non-fictions from Netgalley. These are not authors I have heard of or read before. I was particularly drawn to The Romanovs because last year I loved The Romanov Sisters /Four Sisters by Helen Rappaport, which made me want to read more.

The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame

Dracula by Bram Stoker

Then I found these two classics in a rummage in a charity shop. I have a feeling I did read The Wind in the Willows as a child, however except for the characters I remember nothing about it. So I popped it on my Classics Club list. While I have read and remember Dracula. It is nice to now have my own copy.

Have you read any of these? What new books are you excited about?

The Classics Club: Spin #10

The Classics Club #1

The 10th Classics Club Spin has arrived! I have been looking forward to this. Previous spins have gone really well for me so here’s hoping this one goes just as well this time. With a random selection from this list:

My Spin List:

  1. The Hound of the Baskervilles
  2. Agnes Grey
  3. Villette
  4. This Side of Paradise
  5. The Valley of Fear
  6. A Tale of Two Cities
  7. Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
  8. The Time Machine
  9. The Tenant of Wildfel Hall
  10. Cranford
  11. The Water-Babies
  12. Count of Monte Cristo
  13. The Sign of the Four
  14. Five Children and It
  15. Journey to the Center of the Earth
  16. War of the Worlds
  17. Kim
  18. Little Dorrit
  19. David Copperfield
  20. The Little Princess

These are all books I already own a copy of to help get my to-be-read pile down. Most of this list is the same from the last spin with just a few additions to replace those I have read since then. Even though these are all books I want to read; I am as always rather nervous but excited too. About which book I will end up reading! Wish me luck! I will post an update with my result when the spin number is announced on Monday 24th August 2015.

Have you read anything on my list? Are you taking part in the spin?

Meme: Book Title Acrostic

Blog Post #5

Hello my fellow bookworms. I spotted this short and fun tag being done by Lory, of The Emerald City Book Review. I thought it would be neat to see if I could make my name from the books I’ve read so far this year.

J – (The) Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling
EElizabeth I and Her Circle by Susan Doran
SShirley by Charlotte Bronte
S – (The) Storyteller and Her Sisters by Cheryl Mahoney
IInferno by Dan Brown
C – (The) Casebook of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle
AA Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness

This was fun and easy. I am also really pleased I managed to get in some of my favourite reads  of the year into this. I was tempted to do ‘bookworm’ as well but I only had one example for ‘o’!

I tag anyone who fancies giving this a go. It would be fun to see your name in books too. Please let me know if you give it a go.

Meme: Tough Traveling – Forbidden Love

Tough Traveling

Nathan, over at the Fantasy Review Barn, runs the weekly meme Tough Traveling, where readers are encouraged to tour the mystical countryside looking for adventure and fun (and tropes) from all over fantasy.

This week’s topic is FORBIDDEN LOVE

“Even in Fantasyland parents are not always happy with their children’s choice of partners”

Well my fellow bookworms and tough travellers this really got me thinking! Here are my picks for this week’s topic:

The Dark Tower by Stephen King – Roland, the last gunslinger, reflects back on his first, true love Susan Delgado. Forbidden because Susan’s family have already promised her to another. Theirs is to be a young, innocent and ill-fated love affair.

A Song of Ice and Fire by George R R Martin – I don’t think you can get more forbidden love than twin sister and brother, Cersei and Jaime Lannister. Then again as Jaime points out the Targaryens married their sisters; and no one said anything to them.

Wicked by Gregory Maguire – Elphaba, the future Wicked Witch of the West, has a forbidden and doomed love affair with her married, old college friend Fiyero.

Lord of the Rings by J R R Tolkien – Aragorn and Arwen is perhaps not a forbidden love, but more a discouraged love. Arwen’s love for a man means her Elven brethren must make the difficult decision to sail for the West without her.

A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness – Diana  and Matthew begin a tentative and complicated romance, which is both dangerous and forbidden because she is a witch and he is a vampire.

Can you think of a literary, forbidden love? Please let me know if you’re taking part in this week’s topic too.

Meme: The Harry Potter Book Tag

Harry Potter

Last week I saw the lovely Maren of The Worn Bookmark doing this fun book tag. I love the Harry Potter books and films, so just had to give it a go too.

1. Favourite book?

My favourite book would have to be Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I love all the secrets, the Marauder’s Map, the time travel and it introduces my favourite character.

2. Favourite movie?

My favourite film would have to be a toss-up between Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban (2004) and Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince (2009). The first is my go-to comfort watch, while the latter I think has the best combination of action, humour and emotion.

3. Least favourite book?

My least favourite book is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. It is the longest book and can perhaps suffer from some waffling. Plus I am not sure I could have taken much more of Harry’s teen angst/mood swings!

4. Parts of the books/movies that make you cry?

In the books there are several moments that had me crying. In particular the death of Dobby is heart-breaking. Sadly he doesn’t feature so much in the films for his death to have the same effect.

In the films the moment that makes me cry is the death of Cedric Diggory. When Harry brings Cedric’s body back and his father is holding him, crying, and calling out “my boy”. It is just utterly, harrowing.

5. Favourite character?

My favourite character is Professor Lupin, and when they cast David Thewlis in the films; it became love.

6. What would your Patronus be?

I am not sure why exactly but I would like my Patronus to be a fox.

7. If you could have the Resurrection Stone, the Invisibility Cloak, or the Elder Wand, which one would you choose?

I would choose the invisibility cloak; who wouldn’t want to disappear now and again?

8. What House would you be in?

I am hardworking, patient and loyal so I think I would be best suited to Hufflepuff.

9. If you could meet any member of the cast, who would it be?

From the cast I would like to meet Dame Maggie Smith, Alan Rickman, David Thewlis, Gary Oldman, Julie Walters, Jim Broadbent and Emma Thompson. I love how many British legends are in these films!

10. If you were on the quidditch team, what position would you play?

I think I would be the seeker. As I am small, so hopefully fast, and have great eyesight.

11. Were you happy with the ending?

I was happy with the ending, however would have been even happier without the 19 years later part. I would have preferred to imagine their future lives.

12. How much does Harry Potter mean to you?

The Harry Potter books will always have a special place in my heart. I was about the same age as Harry as I read the books. J K Rowling’s writing style doesn’t always gel perfectly with me. I have to admire her imagination though. She has created a magical series and wonderful characters, which I really came to love.

Now I tag all the Harry Potter fans out there! Please let me know if you take part too.

Meme: Tough Traveling – New Beginnings

Tough Traveling

Nathan, over at the Fantasy Review Barn, runs the weekly meme Tough Traveling, where readers are encouraged to tour the mystical countryside looking for adventure and fun (and tropes) from all over fantasy.

This week’s topic is NEW BEGINNINGS

“A new leaf, a new life, a complete change of pace for a character in fantasyland is how most stories start.  Bad people get a second chance, farm kids leave the farm, or a soldier gets a new post.  From there adventure awaits!”

And it really is true. Pretty much every fantasy book and series I’ve read has begun…with a new beginning of some sort. I have decided to stick with some beloved authors and classic new beginnings. Here are my picks for this week’s topic:

The Hobbit by J R R Tolkien – poor, little Bilbo Baggins has a dramatic change of pace. When he is whisked away, from his comfortable hobbit-hole, on one of those “nasty disturbing uncomfortable” adventures!

Harry Potter by J K Rowling – 11 year old Harry’s new life, or true life, begins when he receives his acceptance letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by C S Lewis – After Edmund betrays his family Aslan sacrifices himself to give Edmund a second chance. Edmund then goes on to play a brave, honest and practical part in several more Narnian adventures.

Mort by Terry Pratchett – useless, young Mort is forced out of the family farm to seek an apprenticeship. Who could imagine he would be taken on by Death!

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams – I know this is straying into science-fiction, but I couldn’t not mention Arthur Dent. Whose life goes from grey to crazy, technicolour. When he discovers that his best friend, Ford, is an alien and that he is now the only human being left!

What is your favourite literary new beginning? Please let me know if you’re taking part in this week’s topic too.

New Books: July 2015 (2)

New Books - July #2

Hello my fellow bookworms, here’s some more goodies I managed to add to my bookshelf and Kindle in July:

City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare

The Dragonfly Pool by Eva Ibbotson

The House on the Strand by Daphne du Maurier

The Brethren by Robert Merle

I picked up The Dragonfly Pool and The House on the Strand on a trip to my favourite charity bookshop. There by two of my favourite authors, if I see any of their books I just have to get them.  Really looking forward to both of them. While I received a copy of The Brethren from the publishers through a give away, hosted by the lovely Charlie of The Worm Hole. I’ve heard it compared to The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas. Then a family friend lent me City of Heavenly Fire, the final instalment of The Mortal Instruments series. I’ve been waiting a long time to read this, and just look how huge it is!

Acqua Morta by Adam Bane

The Virgin of the Wind Rose by Glen Craney

I was contacted by the authors of crime, thriller Acqua Morta and historical, mystery The Virgin of the Wind Rose. Not authors I had heard of before however I love a good crime/mystery, so I agreed to receive e-copies of both.

Better Relationships, Better Life by Pam Ovwigho

The Salvation of Doctor Who by Matt Rawle

Then I received Christian non-fictions Better Relationships, Better Life and The Salvation of Doctor Who from Netgalley. Again these are not authors I have heard of or read before. I was drawn to them because I would like to build better relationships and I love watching Doctor Who!

Have you read any of these? What new books are you excited about?