New Books: April 2016

New Books - April #1

Hello my fellow bookworms, here’s the goodies I’ve managed to add to my bookshelf and Kindle recently:

Jane Steele by Lyndsay Faye

The lovely, wonderful, amazing, book blogging friend Lynn really kindly sent me her copy of Jane Steele because she thought I’d love it – I am super excited to read this.

Glorious Apollo by E Barrington

Eleanor of Aquitaine by Christopher Nicole

I received these 2 historical fictions from Endeavour Press; the first through their newsletter and the second off Netgalley. Glorious Apollo is about the notorious poet Byron while Eleanor of Aquitaine is the future wife of Henry V and Queen of England. I have not read anything by either author but both books sound interesting.

New Books - April #3

Indiana Belle by John A Heldt
(American Journey #3)

Resthaven by Erik Therme

I was kindly contacted and offered copies of young adult, thriller Resthaven and historical fiction Indiana Belle by their authors. Erik Therme is a new author for me while I have previously enjoyed The Mine (Northwest Passage #1) by John A Heldt.

My Cousin Rachel by Daphne du Maurier

Lords and Ladies by Terry Pratchett

I am always on the look out for new-to-me books by Daphne du Maurier and Terry Pratchett. On my last trawl through my two favourite charity bookshops I struck gold: with Lords and Ladies from Pratchett’s hilarious epic Discworld series and du Maurier’s modern classic My Cousin Rachel.

New Books - April #2

The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch

Tunnels by Roderick Gordon & Brian Williams

On the same visit to my favourite charity bookshops, I also spotted these lovely copies of fantasy The Lies of Locke Lamora and young adult, fantasy Tunnels. I previously read both but lost my copies! I am looking forward to rediscovery these gems and continuing the series.

The Indian Fairy Book edited by Cornelius Mathews

Stories of King Arthur and His Knights edited by Sir Thomas Malory

30 Days of Daal by Pragati Bidkar

Then finally but not least, I picked up, from Amazon, these two short story collections and Indian cookbook free!

Have you read any of these? What new books are you excited about?

New Read: City of Heavenly Fire

City of Heavenly Fire

Everything must come to an end, and so does Cassandra Clare’s popular young adult series The Mortal Instruments with this; the City of Heavenly Fire. This post may contain spoilers for the previous books.

Clary and her friends must fight their last and most deadly battle yet. Sebastian has launched terrible and bloody attacks on the Praetor Lupus and Shadowhunter institutes all over the world – killing many and turning others into Endarkened Shadowhunters. Now Sebastian’s Endarkened army and his allies threaten the ancient stronghold of Alicante, where the remaining Shadowhunters and their families have taken refuge. Trying to stop this impending apocalypse and save their loved ones, Clary and her friends take what could be a one way journey into the demon realm of Edom; to challenge Sebastian face-to-face.

I have always liked our young protagonist Clary. Watching her grow from a shy, artistic and awkward teenager to a strong, clever and brave Shadowhunter. It also helps that she is short like me – yeah short girls can kick ass to! Clary doesn’t have to face this final battle alone though as, always, she is joined by her ever faithful and brave friends: Jace, Alec, Isabelle and Simon. Who have all grown in their own ways to. Jace, Alec and Isabelle have always been Shadowhunters so it is Simon who has perhaps made the most obvious changes. All these changes is what made the end even more bittersweet for me.

I started reading this series back in 2013 with the City of Bones; perhaps the weakest book in this series. Fortunately for me the intriguing premise kept me reading and I can honestly say I have enjoyed this series more and more each book I have read. The changes and growth in the characters turned them from two-dimensional characters to ones I really liked and could believe in; particularly Clary and Simon. I also feel the action got darker and a bit more adult throughout the series. Now I have finished this series I would be interested in reading Clare’s other series The Infernal Devices – my brother has devoured both series.

The City of Heavenly Fire was another fun and action-packed adventure in a dark fantasy setting, and I thought it was a satisfying ending to the series. Good read.

Have you read this series? Have you read Clare’s other series The Infernal Devices?

New Read: Allegiant


Earlier this year I read and enjoyed Divergent  and Insurgent by Veronica Roth; from her popular dystopian, young adult series. In November I picked up the 3rd and final book, Allegiant, to finish reading the series. (This post may contain spoilers for the previous books).

Allegiant returns us to post-apocalyptic Chicago, USA which, for many generations, has been ruled by a faction system based on traits. Abnegation for selflessness, Amity for peace, Candor for honesty, Dauntless for bravery, and Erudite for intelligence. Now that system has been forcefully removed by an uprising of the factionless; while it liberates some it is also extremely upsetting for many who have never known anything different. Tris and her fellow divergents have fought for freedom from oppression but not so one forced system could be replaced with another. So Tris joins a secretive group, the Allegiant, who plan to leave the city to seek help from the creators.

This is a confusing, emotional and dangerous time for Tris and her boyfriend Tobias; whom the narration switches between. After the loss of more friends there is the initial elation at stopping Janine and releasing the truth; but then the shock and anger as the factionless, led my Tobias’ long-lost mother, force the people into an equally oppressive regime. Tris is a strong and kind character who is prone to reckless/selfless acts. Which leaves poor Tobias torn between his mother and protecting the girl he loves. Now their hopes and the future of the city rest on them finding the people outside of the city.

I thought this was another taut and immersive adventure, set in a well written and visualised dystopian world. I enjoyed discovering what the world was like outside of the city and what had happened in the past to bring this all about. Roth keeps the tension high as we follow Tris, Tobias and their allies as they seek help from the outside world… only to find that those outside have their own issues of segregation and rebellions too! Tris and Tobias’ relationship is put to the final, extreme test as they find themselves drawn to different causes to reach their final goals. This was a roller-coaster of a read with many twists, turns and shocks; and don’t get me started about the end! Shocking! But I loved that it didn’t have the obvious ‘happy’ ending.

Even though Allegiant is much longer it was another taut and fast read for me. I recommend to those who enjoy dystopian, young adult novels. I will now have to patiently wait for the film. I am interested to see how it will translate to the screen. Let’s all pray they don’t make it into two films! Great read.

Have you read this? Or watched the films? Do you enjoy dystopian novels and films?

New Read: Insurgent


Earlier this year I read and enjoyed Divergent by Veronica Roth; the 1st book in Roth’s dystopian, young adult series. At the beginning of August I picked up the 2nd book, Insurgent, to continue reading the series. (This post may contain spoilers for the previous book).

Insurgent returns us to post-apocalyptic Chicago, USA which, for many generations, has been ruled by a faction system based on traits. Abnegation for selflessness, Amity for peace, Candor for honesty, Dauntless for bravery, and Erudite for intelligence. This system has been thrown into chaos though after a devastating attack on Abnegation. It is now Erudite’s mission to hunt down all divergents, those that have an aptitude for more than one faction, and to control information that they feel is dangerous for the general populace to know.

This is an emotionally charged and guilt ridden, roller coaster ride for our protagonist Tris. She finds it very hard to come to terms with the death of loved ones and those she was forced to kill, while trying to stop the attack on Abnegation. To make matters worse Tris and her Dauntless friends are now homeless. Half of Dauntless are helping Erudite leaving the other half to seek refuge with Amity and Candor. Not knowing what is the best course of action and who they can trust. Tris is a strong and kind character but her guilt and pain are now making her confused and reckless in her actions and decisions.

I thought this was another taut and immersive adventure, set in a well written and visualised dystopian world. I feared that without the initiation process Roth might lose some of the tension and pace. This was happily an unfounded fear. Roth kept the pace fast and the tension high as Tris and her friends are chased by the Erudite from one faction to another. Which also gave us a good opportunity to find out more about how Amity, Candor and the factionless live. This chase and uncertainty puts Tris, her friendships, and her love interest with Tobias under considerable strain. Making this is a darker read with a touch of teen angst.

Insurgent was another taut and fast read for me. I look forward to reading Allegiant next. I recommend to those who enjoy dystopian, young adult novels. Good read.

Have you read this? Or watched the films? Do you enjoy dystopian novels and films?

10 Books of Summer – 4/10

New Read: Hope’s Rebellion

Hope's Rebellion

For much of July my reading has taken me into the past. I decided it would be fun to go the opposite way; to go into the future with my next read. So I picked up Jade Varden’s dystopian, young adult novel Hope’s Rebellion.

Godenor is a bleak and desolate land, with few resources which must be strictly dealt out to the population. Due to this the population is segregated. At just 3 years old children are either taken to work camps to learn how to serve as Dinwas or work in the mines. Or, the more fortunate children, are taken to education camps to learn a craft. At the end of their education the Allocator decides where they will be assigned. The premise is nothing new but I did think it was well crafted. There is one more thing that can determine your fate; your hair colour. Those children with golden hair are prized above all others.

We find out about this world through the eyes of 3 very different girls. First we have Drexi. Initially assigned to a work camp her bravery earns her a transfer to an education camp. Sadly the stigma of her black hair and her golden-haired mother’s failure is a constant battle for her. Then we have small, quiet, mousey haired Prelly. Accidentally taken to the education camp when she became lost and was found by a kind soldier. Finally but not least we have Rinna, or Rinna of the Gold as she is known. As she has the prized golden hair Rinna’s life was planned out from the day she was born. She is to become a wife and mother. In the education camp these 3 girls become fast friends. A friendship that will be truly tested when they are allocated and become adults.

This is the first book I have read by Jade Varden. I came to know of it when the author contacted me about it. I am really pleased I took a chance on it. As I thought it was a gripping, young adult adventure in an authoritarian, fantasy world. While Drexi, Prelly and Rinna were at school I didn’t really think of it as a dystopian world. The world before and any whiff of rebellion is not discussed until the girls are allocated. The pace of the novel is fast and I found myself flying through it. There were a few moments where the wording jarred a little with me and others where I wish there had been a little more detail. I totally understand that sometimes too much detail would have taken us away from the action and tension that was building though, so was a necessary cut.

Hope’s Rebellion was a gripping and fast read for me, this is an author and world I would like to read more of. I recommend to those who enjoy young adult, fantasy and dystopian books. Good read.

Thank you to the author for providing a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

Have you read this? Have you read a good dystopian novel I should try?

New Read: Divergent


Earlier this year I watched Divergent (2014) and Insurgent (2015) based on Veronica Roth’s dystopian, young adult novels. I watched these films in a row and enjoyed them even more than I thought. I now have a wait for Allegiant part 1 and 2. With that in mind my friend lent me the 3 books to read; first up Divergent.

Divergent takes us into the future, to a post-apocalyptic Chicago, USA. The limited population of the city are now divided into factions based on traits. Abnegation for selflessness, Amity for peace, Candor for honesty, Dauntless for bravery, and Erudite for intelligence. When a person reaches 16 years old they are given an aptitude test to help them decide which faction to choose. Once you have chosen there is no going back and individuals may even have to turn their backs on family; faction before blood. Some people though don’t fit into just one faction. They are known as divergents and are seen as dangerous.

Our protagonist is Beatrice (Tris) Prior who at the beginning of the novel lives in Abnegation with her family. Tris lives a comfortable and happy life, and while she is a kind and likeable person she does find it hard to be effortlessly selfless. Instead Tris finds herself eyeing the fearless and fun life of the Dauntless. Her aptitude test is only to confuse rather than help her choose though. Her results are inconclusive, meaning she is divergent and her life is in danger. Now Tris must balance her love for her family, her wishes for her own life, and hiding what she is from those in power who mean her harm.

Divergent is the debut novel of Veronica Roth which I think is really impressive. I think Divergent is well written and visualised dystopian world, with a really good pace. The tension was kept high as Tris and her fellow initiates go through a gruelling initiation with the ever present fear of failure. Failing will mean living in poverty without protection as a factionless. To lighten the darkness of the story though Roth has used humour and a cool, snarky edge. A lot of which comes from our protagonist Tris. I liked and respected Tris. She is young, small and physically not the strongest but she is mentally strong and doesn’t allow others to change her own moral code. I haven’t read a young adult novel in a while. There is of course the required love interest but thankfully there isn’t a love triangle in sight!

Divergent is a well written, immersive, and taut dystopian adventure. I highly recommend to those who enjoy dystopian, young adult novels. I look forward to reading Insurgent next. Good read.

Have you read and/or watched this? What other dystopian novels or films do you recommend?

Adaptations: April 2015 (2)

Adaptations #3

I absolutely love adaptations. I know this can sometimes be a controversial subject with book lovers but not for me. I think my real love of them came from my time studying performance at university. There I became fascinated with taking a story and telling it through a different medium; whether that be book, film, TV, or on the stage.

Here are more adaptations I watched during April:

The NeverEnding Story II (1990)          Not Read     Film     Television
Fantasy sequel inspired by the second half of Michael Ende’s novel. I watched all three films as a child but I feel the first film is by far the more superior hence why it is the only one I own on DVD. This sequel was easy, fantasy fun which passed a lazy Saturday afternoon. Okay watch.

The Adventurer: The Curse of the Midas Box (2014)     Not Read     Film     Television
Fantasy adventure based on the Mariah Mundi novels by G P Taylor. A young man is thrown into a world of treachery, magical antiquities and steampunk machinery. I totally missed this when it was released at the cinema, where it sadly received poor reviews. I thought it was a bit of fun though, with a good ensemble cast including plenty of well known faces. Okay watch.

The Maze Runner (2014)          Not Read     Film     DVD
Dystopian, action thriller based on the young adult novel by James Dashner. I thought the concept of a group of young men being tested in a lethal and mind-boggling maze was fascinating; with great special effects and interesting characters. I am so pleased I was lent this on DVD by a friend and I look forward to the upcoming release of the sequel. Good watch.

Edge of Tomorrow (2014)          Not Read     Film     Television
Science fiction blockbuster based on the Japanese novel All You Need Is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka. A soldier relives a brutal battle over and over again in a sadistic, Groundhog Day style, loop to find a way to destroy the aliens. I thought this would be good but I got so much more with this twisted, brilliant concept. Amazing special effects, interesting time cuts, and great performances from Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. Great watch.

Poldark (2015)          Not Read     TV Series     Television
BBC costume drama based on the first two novels from the Poldark series by Winston Graham. Ross Poldark returns home to try to resurrect his family’s mine. A stark and often heart breaking portrayal of life in Cornwall in the late 1700s, brought to life by a good and rather attractive ensemble cast, in stunning scenery and beautiful costumes. I look forward to series 2. Good watch.

That’s another 5 adaptations watched which when added to the previous 6 makes the grand total 11 adaptations for April; a great month which has only been matched in January. The Easter bank holiday really helped bump up my numbers. I am looking forward to seeing what adaptations I watch in May, as I have 3 TV adaptations on the go and I really must go see the new Avengers film at the cinema.

Have you watched any of these? What have you been watching?