📖 The Dragon’s Blade: The Last Guardian by Michael R. Miller (2018) ⭐⭐

Last year, I enjoyed escaping into The Reborn King and Veiled Intentions by Michael R. Miller, the first and second books of Miller’s new, epic fantasy trilogy, The Dragon’s Blade. Having got my hands on a copy of the final instalment, The Last Guardian, in March, earlier this year, I decided to find out how it all ended around the pool on my summer holiday in Italy.

This book kicks off in the newly regained dragon capital, Aurisha where King Darnuir has been brought low by an almost fatal cascade addiction and his uncle, Blaine has closed himself away in his Order. Leaving Praetorian Lira to keep the humans and zealous dragons apart within the crumbling walled city. Meanwhile, in the human capital, Brevia tensions are also high between the city’s inhabitants and unwanted dragon refugees. Then the paranoid King Arkus unveils his deadly new weapons to his lords. Fearing these weapons are more a threat than a gift and sympathising with the poorly treated dragons, Cassandra vows to curb her father’s unchecked power.

So while Danuir was incapacitated, my sympathy all fell to Lira – a young woman raised to the role of head of the Praetorian Guard by Danuir – who now has the unenviable job of keeping the peace between the Three Races; which Danuir fought so hard for. When Darnuir awakens weakened, and to an alliance on the brink: with fighting and atrocities breaking out in Aurisha and Brevia, he must become the leader the dragons need; bring the alliance back together and risk trusting the spectre, Dukoona if he is to have any hope of defeating the dark lord, Rectar and his terrifying new creations. But bless him, at every turn he faces stubbornness, prejudice and betrayal!

As well as Danuir and Lira, other familiar characters to return and have their challenges are: human chevaliers, Ballack and Raymond; the Guardian, Blaine; the princess, Cassandra and we briefly see the shape-shifting witch, Kymethra and the wizard, Brackendon. I also added to my favourite list: the heir to the Splintering Isles, Grigayne. However I was very disappointed to find that the thread about Danuir’s old, hunter friend, Garon and his army of the Three Races who went to aid the Kazzek Trolls was almost completely missing from this book! They weren’t mentioned until the final pages and then very briefly, as part of the rather abrupt end…

Therefore, while I thought The Dragon’s Blade: The Last Guardian was another fun, fantasy adventure, I was left feeling rather short-changed by the lack of some of my favourite characters and by a disappointing conclusion, which just didn’t give me the resolution I needed. Such a shame. Oh well, maybe we could persuade the author to write some more?! Please! Good read.

Thank you to the author for providing a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.

Before you go, let me know have you read this? What did you think of it?


This was book 4/10 for my 10 Books of Summer 2019.


6 thoughts on “📖 The Dragon’s Blade: The Last Guardian by Michael R. Miller (2018) ⭐⭐

  1. It’s a shame when a series doesn’t wrap up satisfactorily. Perhaps the author will heed your request for another! 😀

    They have lovely covers, particularly Veiled Intentions.

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